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Eustacia Cutler Hosts Free Webinar Conversations  With Autism Authorities!

Eustacia and UtaAlong with a multitude of neurological problems, autism’s anomalies create a deeply unsettling turmoil in families. When spectrum young are oblivious to the family—and they often are—parents lose a crucial sense of themselves.

At the same time today’s easy-access to internet information is impacting our spectrum young in ways we have yet to understand.  And giving parents an insatiable appetite for easy answers.

There are no easy answers to autism.

Believing in the value of exploring these fault lines, Eustacia Cutler, Temple Grandin’s mother, is hosting a series of webinar Jeff Kravitzconversations with top autism authorities:  researchers, doctors, teachers, and therapists– also conversations with authors, actors, business men, and bankers—each of whom has a meaningful connection to autism and to the world at large.   The idea is to provoke new thinking on topics relevant to autism and the impact of our culture.

The goal is shared insight.

Go to www.templegrandineustaciacutlerautismfund.comto sign up for the current webinars.  All the webinars are free.  In addition, each webinar is recorded and posted on the website.  You can also follow us on facebook to receive notices on all the webinars.  Join us and learn how top leaders look at autism and the cultural flow.

Recorded conversations online NOW!

  • Dr. Raun Melmed, medical director of the Melmed Center and a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, founded  the Melmed Center in 1989.
  • Catherine Lord, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and founding Director of the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain (CADB), at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in collaboration with New York Collaborates for Autism.
  • Sally Burton-Hoyle, Ed.D. Professor, Eastern Michigan University Special Education
  • Cathy Pratt Ph.D., BCBA-D, Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community located at Indiana University.

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